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The Elder Scrolls Online - the adventure has begun

The fans of The Elder Scrolls Online are divide in two parts: the ones that are still waiting the moment after the depart from Seyda Neen and the ones that are satisfied with what they have got and are willing to ignore some features that were promised, but never had come. I am in the group of satisfied fans since right from the beginning I have realized that this is a good game and the adventure has begun and it will take me on roads that no one has before gotten - opt for special play.

You will start your adventure with some well known characters from The Elder Scrolls universe, that will help you escape from the prison, and to go back in Tamriel and to confront Molag regarding the fact that he has "borrowed" your souls and about the interest because he used it. The illusion is that you are The One is destroyed by many chosen Gods around you. From this moment on there are over one hundred hours of games filed up with quests until you reach the maxim level of characters that can be obtained, that are actually around 50.

From level 10 your path to PVP will open and on every 5 levels you will receive missions that will disclose many new things about your real role in the Tamriel world. The good part about this game is the fact that you will have many possibilities to create and personalize your character: you will have to choose the class, the sex, the psysical traits and one of the three factions that are in the game and you want to be a part. The Darfall Covenant extends between High Rock and the half Nordic part of Hammerfell, Ebonheart extends between Morrowind and the Eastern zone of Skyrim, and Aldmeri Dominion has the bigger part of Summerset Isles, Valenwood and Elsewyr. In the middle of these three factions, the producers have decided to reserve the zone for the PVP confrontations - see VIP options.

These three locations in the game have their own story and at some point you will have to make some choices that will change the story in a way that you can't even imagine. It is a great feeling to know that your choices matter and can influence the gaming world. I am telling all these details to you because it is essential to be prepared and to know ahead what you will have to do. I am not a spoiler, but if you want to have a pleasant gameplay then you should take into consideration all these - details are important.

To sum up and to let you discover by yourself more about this game, the only thing remained to be said about this game is the fact that it is great. You can start your adventure now!